Porcelain proved to be the perfect catalyst for what evolved into a gleaming example of a six-degrees-of-water-closet separation game. Inevitably a visit to one ordinary john, followed by a casual conversation with a bartender segued to the whereabouts of a local legendary loo. Other people’s enthusiasm further fueled my fascination and piqued my curiosity to discover just how many funky and fabulous bathrooms I could uncover.


A look inside the book…


P is for Portland!

Portland is a weird place – and also funny, quirky, cute, original, creative and charming. All of that, it turns out, can also be said about its bathrooms. I’ve seen more than a few local loos in my breakfast career, but Kelly Melillo has opened my eyes to the wonders of our WCs. The Best Places To Pee is informative, entertaining, clever, a little odd, and therefore pure Portland.

~Paul Gerald Breakfast in Bridgetown

We need more!

~Powell’s Books Order Office

Bravo on “The Best Places to Pee,” we picked up a copy this weekend and loved paging through it! My wife and I grew up in Minnesota and Illinois and enjoy the Midwest humor.

~J & J Haugen

Hey Girl on the Go! Bought a few of your clever books. Love it!

~E. Nace

I [sent] this book to all my out-of-town friends and relatives for Christmas to show them another great side to living in Portland. Kelly nailed the mix of whimsy and solid interesting facts about some great spots in Portland.

~S. Johnson

This book is awesome! It is full of fun facts and shows you look at Portland that was unexpected when I picked up the book. I now have a list of all kinds of fun places to explore in Portland!

~T. Crowder

The Book has great pictures…I now relate to her book when visiting these places.

~A. Devita

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