#BP2P Hashing Out The Best Places To Pee!

Looking for a creative way to explore Portland or perhaps any city…

Have you ever considered using bathrooms as a quirky and fun way to navigate through a city?

Well maybe you should, I have found it to be quite relieving.

The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To the Funky & Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland offers a creative twist to the traditional (yawn) travel guide. Beyond showing the reader a peek at over 61 cool bathrooms in Portland, it also shares the rich history embedded within these local establishments, pointing out both the seen and unseen details that give each one of these businesses a story. Stories people connect with; stories people smile about; stories people feel excited about retelling.

With the success and overwhelming enthusiasm surrounding the Portland Edition, it became evident this book has tapped into people’s desire to read, connect, smile and peek at the funky & fabulous potties scattered throughout the city.

Join our “Loo Crew”  and share your funky & fabulous bathroom findings on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and Pinterest. Use the hashtag, #BP2P, (that stands for: Best Places 2  Pee) and share with us, The Best Places To Pee according to thee!

Time to #HASH it out!


Use the hashtag –> #BP2P and show us your best places to pee! Think powder room pouts, TP towers, porcelain posing or “urine-credibly” funny photos with urinals!

Just keep it clean, please!