About The Author

Kelly Melillo

As the girl who authored the book everyone else claims they could have and should have written—Kelly Melillo has always been intrigued by nuggets of quirky trivia.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Kent State University and various jobs such as waitress, parole officer, paralegal, blogger, citysearch scout, airbnb host, volunteer, networker, skincare consultant, hilarious friend—and awesome mother; if anyone can clearly see the professional progression which led her to write this book, let her know!

An avid connector of people, stories, and possibilities, Kelly says researching and writing this book not only made her happy it created a rich and colorful connection to the city she lives in and loves, Portland, Oregon.

Remembered for many odd reasons, Kelly says one of her favorites is receiving a text that states: ‘I was just in this weird bathroom and immediately thought of you!’

Kelly currently resides in Portland, OR with her three sons. When she’s not busy making lunches (with love), attending sporting events (wearing rain boots), or being schooled in how to play various Wii games (unsuccessfully), she fancies herself an urban archaeologist uncovering the next neighborhood treasure trove of stories and fun times. And on occasion, she’s been spotted dancing on tables and fleeing from zombies.

The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To The Funky & Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland Second Edition by Kelly Melillo

cover 2nd edition